Industrial Rope Access Services

Rope access makes difficult-to-reach locations accessible in a safe and efficient manner. It refers to a set of techniques whereby ropes and specialised hardware are used for working at heights. We have a team of well trained and highly experienced rope-access technicians (IRATA Level I, II and III) who assist in a variety of situations such as specialised rigging and lifting projects, and maintenance and repair activities in towers and stacks. Our rope-access team can be deployed all over the world, for onshore as well as offshore projects.

Our highly trained personnel and special access equipment can provide you with a proven method of achieving a safe work position. As a result, our industrial rope access services helps you:

·       Have essential inspection, testing and survey work carried out on assets that are hard to reach.
·       Benefit from a cost effective alternative to traditional access methods, such as scaffolding or mobile elevated working platforms.
·       Have inspections carried out quickly and safely with minimal disruption to other services.

We always deliver!

Our services are structured to give you the very best results. We deliver innovative solutions in the areas of Non-Destructive Testing, Equipment Inspection, Asset Compliance and Safety Inspection.